Tira Marine

Tira Marine

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Cowhide Rug Collection

Style Nbr: TR-02
Color: marine (Ink Black, Stone, Super White)
Fiber Content: Cowhide

Available Stock Sizes:
5’x8’  |   6’x9’  |   8’x10’  |  9’x12’  |  10’x14’

This product is genuine hair on hide, crafted by skilled craftsman out of India.  Each area rug is hand-made with individual pieces strategically placed creating a one of a kind product.  The leather is sewn and fashioned bringing about intricacies in the pattern and design.  The rugs are finished with a clean, turn back construction and backed with a felt finish. 

All designs presented can be customized in color and size giving creative flexibility to any space. Email info@klasp.nyc for details.

Leather varies in actual shade and color due to its inherent nature. Decreased color saturation and fading are possible over time if exposed to direct UV.  It is intended with fine leather products to have certain variation in surface texture.  Pattern dimension and pattern repeat CAN VARY with handmade products.  Light and delicate shades need extra care, as they tend to soil more quickly.  These products are intended for low traffic and should not be placed in high-traffic areas. Slight shedding is possible. 

Care Instructions: Regular vacuuming is recommended.  When vacuuming, be sure to always use the standard floor head, and never the rotating brush as it may cause damage. Keep in mind that regular rotation prevents uneven wear patterns, so rotate your rug throughout the year. If a spill occurs, remove liquid immediately by blotting with a clean, un-dyed cloth, pressing firmly around the spill to absorb as much of the spill as possible.  Never rub wet spots.  For hard-to-remove stains, professional cleaning is recommended.  If you should need to store your rug, roll it from the front side out, and wrap it carefully in cloth for protection.  Store in a dry, well-ventilated area.

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